Nira is a fast-paced survival exploration game. Explore endless procedurally generated worlds and gather resources to survive. Build a base and a farm, go fishing, cook yourself a meal, ride an alpaca or fly a plane; do whatever you want. But beware, when night falls, creatures arise…

Explore endless procedurally generated worlds
Plant and grow crops on your farm
Complete quests to level up
Fight off goblins and kill their ogre leaders
Build a base to defend yourself at night
Hunt for food and cook meals to stay alive
Build vehicles or tame and ride animals
Play alone or with up to 4 players
Gather resources to craft tools and weapons

About Baseline Games

Baseline Gamesย is a one-man-studio founded in 2017, currently working on survival adventure game NIRA. NIRA is Baseline Games‘ first official game and released in Early Access on Steam on April 24th.

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